"PEAK team" Germany Star Noveski Beijing September 5th, 2015 European basketball championship is officially launched. 24 European teams will compete fiercely for the highest honor of Europa. This competition, Serbia, Germany and Israel, the three top European mainland teams, will be in the PEAK shirt to the full impact of the championship. At the same time, two PEAK star Toni Parke and Milos, showing tremendous enthusiasm will also be wearing the PEAK boots, on behalf of the French team and Cheap air jordans for sale the Serbia team to rush. " PEAK's team " Serbia's first match against winning the top Spain A few games took the lead in the first match in the men's basketball team defeated Serbia and Israel respectively strong Spain and Russia, made a good start, Vujacic scored 12 points and 4 assists. The German team led by Noveski also won 71-65 in Iceland. It is worth mentioning that in the French team overtime 97-87 win over Finland, PEAK star Toni Parke scored 23 points and became the most succe cheap foamposites ssful player in the team's victory. Serbia is the European basketball powerhouse, last year's World Cup Men's basketball team, dressed in PEAK shirt once they broke into the finals and eventually won the world cup runner up. Not long ago, the Serbia Basketball Association and PEAK reached a formal contract, they will continue to bring good luck to them once in the PEAK shirt in the future. The same in group B of the German team, this will also be the first to wear PEAK jersey with the worl cheap jordans online d series, NBA superstar Nowitzki of the German team, is also the title race in a force can not be ignored. Not long ago, Israel, who was working with PEAK, was divided into A group. Caspi, the star of many American basketball teams, such as knights, rockets and many other players, is under the leadership of Caspi, and Israel, who is wearing PEAK shirt, is expected to bring more surprises to the fans. PEAK star Special Olympics breakthroughThe European Championship is the stage of supersta cheap jordans for sale mens rs. The two PEAK signing stars Parke and Teodosic are just the two top winning teams, the core guards of France and Serbia. The European Championship in PEAK boots they will be in their team in the interpretation of different exciting. Parke sharp speed, Teodosic calm and accurate, will leave a wonderful moment for the European Championship in driving under the PEAK boots. in the European Championships, such as the world top basketball tournament, there are four teams playing in PEAK jerse cheap jordan shoes for men ys, not only reflects the deepening and development of PEAK's internationalization strategy, but also reflects the recognition of PEAK brand in the international market. "Based on their own advantages, to create international brand, has been the development strategy of PEAK for a long time constant," PEAK CEO Xu Zhihua said, "the tournament of four teams wearing PEAK Jersey, two world class players wearing PEAK shoes, PEAK is also the major achievements in recent years to develop the interna Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping tional market. PEAK will use the best sports equipment and services to help these teams and players to play their potential in the country. puma since the end of the high-end black label series, after he moved to the streets, has been with the Los Angeles street brand Stampd closely, this season to the next, following the earlier previewed the black version of the blaze of glory, once again brought the black and white version of the costume of high, design to retain the blaze of glory, strea Retro jordans for sale mlined design, with highly textured leather shoes, leather take the belt to replace the original laces and on the tongue position join the logo of Stampd as a decoration, the overall design more rich sense of the future. Source: HYPEBEASTOnly a short while ago REEBOK basketball shoes is gorgeous and avant-garde pronoun, both Camp kamikaze and O'neal Shaq of the star series, or in Vindicator, prophet as the representative of the end of style, in the design of the show are flamboyant style, tr Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping ying to bring out the strong visual impact. and after entering the new millennium, with the ATR series of rebirth and the launch of the NBA series, REEBOK design style has changed dramatically, the integrated structure is simple, Zhiya to replace the complex upper lines, FOAM and EVA in the low profile DMX completely replaced the attractive honeycomb and DMX 10, REEBOK basketball shoes began to let many followers have difficult to fit in...... 0.jpg (154.02 KB, download number: 0) cheap jordans for sale download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-29 11:34 upload 1.jpg (122.22 KB, download number: 0) download attachments saved to the album 2015-5-29 11:34 uploadWith our happy time, super NES childhood Nintendo, Shi Jia and GameBoy, game machine, still make a lot of friends tryin, recently a well-known skateboard brand Vans has teamed up with Nitendo to launch the following set of new series, the classic game design theme, using the elements of the game as a decoration for our c Retro jordans for sale hildhood memories. 920fda58gw1f4gm14yi3aj20ku0emgn4.jpg (221.92 KB, download number: 13) download Nintendo x Vans 2016 joint design 2016-6-2 10:18 upload nintendo-x-vans-lede_zivvbz.jpg (153.65 KB, download number: 10) download Nintendo x Vans 2016 joint design 2016-6-2 10:19 upload nintendo-x-vans-2016-collaboration-012_o83oxq.jpg (376.4 KB, download number: 6) download Nintendo x Vans 2016 joint design 2016-6-2 10:19 upload nintendo-x-vans-2016-collaboration-008_o83owm.jpg (187 KB, download number: 14) download Nintendo x Vans 2016 joint design 2016-6-2 10:18 upload nintendo-x-vans-2016-collaboration-009_o83oww.jpg (217.5 KB, download number: 15) download Nintendo x Vans 2016 joint design 2016-6-2 10:18 upload nintendo-x-vans-2016-collaboration-010_o83ox6.jpg (198.3 KB, download number: 6) download the attachment 0Nike Air Yeezy series of success in addition to the designers design is more extraordinary as if done by the spirits, the crystallization of the masters constantly pains day and night. 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